Our class went to the Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki. We had a guided tour at the History of Life Exhibition. The tour was in English. The guide walked us through the history of earth starting from the forming of the earth all the way to today’s humans. He told us about the early life in the oceans, cells, dinosaurs and mammals. It was interesting to hear about how and why our planet Earth has life. 

There are multiple theories about how life started and the guide listed some of them. Some of the first animals were Trilobites. There were a few fossils on display. There was also a long model of a creature with a hard long shell hanging from the ceiling. The guide explained how the animal swam backwards by spitting water out of its mouth to propel it onward.

There were a lot of dinosaur skeletons and real size fake plants and trees there. They looked like real ones. The guide told us that some of the dinosaurs were the ancestors of birds and lizards. When most of the large dinosaurs died with mass extinction, only the smaller ones survived because they didn’t need that much food to stay alive. And there is also a theory that dinosaurs had feathers.

After the tour we had some time to visit the other floors of the museum. We also had a lunch break. There where many other interesting exhibitions, for example, of Finnish nature there.

The most memorable thing from the exhibition was an real size copy of an ancient shelter. Most of our classmates were stuffed in that small shelter. It was pretty dark and hot inside.

The museum was interesting, exciting and inspirational to visit. We especially liked the presentation, because it was fun to learn the history of life in English. 

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